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    Social media management is the process of managing your online presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by creating, publishing and analyzing the content you post. Managing social media also includes interacting and interacting with social media users.
Social media management is the process of creating, publishing, analyzing and interacting with users on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin.

Social media management offers your company a tremendous opportunity to grow your brand and business. Allocating time and resources for social media management is a challenge for many organisations, especially SMEs. For this reason, many companies, even influencers, invest in social media management services.

As Oğuz ATÇI, you provide the following advantages with this service that I offer together with my professional team:

You save time: Time is one of the most common reasons companies abandon social media. With this service I will offer, you get a partner who controls all your social media work. You save time without sacrificing a revenue-generating channel.

You save money: By handing over your social media management to me, you save the time or cost of hiring an in-house social media specialist.

Maintain a quality strategy: Working with me ensures that your social media strategy remains active and top-notch. From brand awareness to sales, we constantly (and proactively) monitor and improve your approach to achieve the results you want, with my team of professionals.

Can easily reach your goals: Like most companies, your business likely wants measurable results from social media. You may even have ambitious goals such as reaching a certain number of followers. With this service I offer, you don’t have to worry about the strategies needed to reach the number of completely “organic” followers over time.

Neleri Kapsar?
  • Overseeing your current social media strategy
  • Researching your target audience
  • Choosing your social media platforms
  • Creating your social media strategy
  • Designing your social media profiles
  • Improving your social media ads
  • Creating your social media content calendar
  • Creating platform-specific social media content
  • Responding to your social media followers
  • Growing your social reach
  • Monitoring your social media performance
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